Cannon Brand

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Cannon Brand was born and raised in Willis, Texas, just north of Houston. At age 7, Cannon began learning the guitar, and from then on, his love for music only grew. Now an experienced songwriter and performer, Cannon Brand has had the opportunity to headline many shows across Texas and open for legendary Texas musicians such as Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, Randall King, Deryl Dodd, and more. Songwriting is at the forefront of Cannon’s work, having penned an abundance of songs and worked with respected songwriters Kyle Hutton, Drew Womack, James Lann, and others. Cannon has now released 2 singles and 1 EP, entitled “My Kind of Place”. Cannon joined the Conveyor Management team in July 2019 and is now in the process of recording a new album slated for late 2020.
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Conveyor Management

Featured Album

My Kind Of Place

Release Date: December 30, 2018

  1. Cruel
  2. Around This Bar
  3. My Kind of Place
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Last Thing on My Mind

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