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Long Time Comin’ might seem like a strange title for a debut album from a young, new-comer, but to Cannon Brand, it’s a testament to the anticipation he’s felt bringing this long-awaited project to fruition. Yes, he’s young, but once you’ve listened to the lyrics, musicianship, and delivery of this collection of songs, you’ll know he’s put in the time.

The current single, “Wine, Beer, & Whiskey” is nothing short of a full-length mirror reflecting the country roots of this Willis, Texas native – Undeniably country, but with a touch of rock and roll. A multi-instrumentalist who played bass, drums, and guitars on his first EP, Cannon’s guitar chops are rivaled only by his vocal range and unapologetic South East Texas drawl, making “Wine, Beer, & Whiskey” a fan favorite and easy add for program directors across the radio waves.

Cannon is a stand out in the world of FM country snap-tracks and gives music fans hope that a new generation of traditional country is on the way. He’s a rare combination of young man’s energy and old man’s work ethic, a combination that a record like “Long Time Comin” deserves.

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Holly Grant
Featured Album

My Kind Of Place

Release Date: December 30, 2018

  1. Cruel
  2. Around This Bar
  3. My Kind of Place
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Last Thing on My Mind


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